Coincidence? I think not.

4Q Newsletter 1  After a whirlwind month, beginning with our travel to orientation for new Presbyterian mission co-workers, and then on to Atlanta for the birth of our second grandchild, Max, Melissa and I arrived back in San Antonio on Saturday, November 8. We immediately began contacting individuals and churches, mapping out our plans to visit and speak, as we share our mission call to Zambia and begin to raise support for our work there. Our efforts have been productive, and what once seemed a daunting task to fill the calendar between now and our departure for Zambia in March, now finds us working to find dates where we can insert visits. But everything seems to be falling into place and we are confident we will be able to share our work and that of Presbyterian World Mission with a lot of folks before we travel abroad.

Lucy and BB copy

Through it all, we’ve seen God’s hand at work. It is somehow fitting that our first visit, a moment for mission, occurred this morning at Alamo Heights Presbyterian Church, in San Antonio. Melissa and I joined Alamo Heights Presbyterian not long after we were married, and both Melissa and Meagan were baptized there.

As the only mission co-workers from Texas at the present time, I’ve been reaching out to Presbyterian churches in cities around Texas, cold calling.  The pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Tyler, Texas, replied to my email saying he grew up within a few blocks of our home church, Northwood Presbyterian in San Antonio, and has fond memories of his old neighborhood and San Antonio. I also contacted a pastor at a church in Greensboro, North Carolina, as I make efforts to connect with churches involved in hunger related ministries, and in this case, home to a church community garden. It turns out that she is also from Texas, and an Aggie like me (a graduate of Texas A&M).   These contacts have lead to possible future visits for us at both of these churches, and we continue to follow God’s lead as we reach out to other churches in similar ways. We are amazed by what happens when we follow and let God work, and we know there are no coincidences.

Although our calendar is filling quickly, we still have dates available during the week when we can meet with groups, church mission committees, or other gatherings. If you would like us to share with your group or church, please contact us as soon as possible. In the meantime, thank you for your prayers and support.

May the peace of Christ be with you.

Charles & Melissa

2 thoughts on “Coincidence? I think not.

  1. Charles and Melissa, I don’t think my church would be open to having you speak because we already have such a huge mission program; however, if you end up speaking at churches in Houston, please feel free to call on us for a place to stay. I know people at both the Presbyterian church in Conroe and First Presbyterian Church in Tomball. Would you like me to contact them?

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