Thinking Outside the Box

One thing Melissa and I have been doing is working to expand the footprint of our fundraising efforts to support our work in Zambia.  Of course we’ve been putting in work, in the traditional manner, scheduling trips throughout the U.S., since beginning our sending interpretive assignment last November.


Places We’ve Spoken

But we recently began using some other tools.  No, we don’t want to replace the tried and true method of meeting folks face to face, where they are.  But we do want to reach others who we can’t connect with by other means.

Recently, after some discussion, we were given the green light to use Crowdrise, an online crowdfunding platform, in our fundraising efforts.  Melissa and I have both used Crowdrise previously in other fundraising, with good success.  Crowdrise has a global reach, and even if a person chooses not to donate after reading about our work, he or she has still learned about our work, and the work of Presbyterian World Mission, in Zambia.

If you would like to visit our Crowdrise fundraising page to learn more, click this image.



We are also incorporating the use of Thunderclap to spread the news of our Crowdrise fundraiser.  If we can have a 250 or more visit and share our Thunderclap site by March 24, 2016, our message about our Crowdrise fundraiser will be shared over the internet, via social media, to a massive number of folks.  But we really need your help.  Please click on the Thunderclap link below, then click on the tabs to share on Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler.  We only have a couple of weeks remaining to get to the 250 needed.


Please help us share the message, by sharing the link to our Crowdrise fundraiser, and by sharing our Thunderclap.

Thank you.

Peace and grace,

Charles & Melissa



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