Checking in from Chipata


I found a new hat in Luanga; after a little work, it was ready for business.

Wow!  The last three weeks have been intense, as we arrived in Lusaka a day later than expected due to a missed connection in Johannesburg, then dove straight into our orientation with CCAP/Zambia, which included the busy time leading up to Easter.  After two weeks in and around Lusaka, we left for Lundazi last Tuesday, spending a night in Chipata along the way.
We had intended to do shopping for household essentials while in Chipata, but we spent virtually all of our time registering our Land Cruiser.  After an entire afternoon and morning, we finally got it registered, but they didn’t have any number plates (license plates) so we went on to Lundazi last Wednesday, where we resumed our orientation.

The more we learn about the holistic ministry of CCAP/Zambia, the more impressed we are with its work in community development.  For example, we learned that the Shallow Wells Department has dug 4,500 shallow water wells in villages here.  The model is this; a village requests that a well be dug, and they partner with CCAP/Zambia.  Villagers provide sweat equity, digging, making bricks, and other such work.  Meanwhile, the Shallow Wells Demarment, working with Marion Medical Missions, provides equipment and supervision.  I asked how the well was maintained after it was in place, hoping to hear exactly what I was told; the villagers pay a token monthly amount to have access to safe, clean water, and the funds paid in are available to ensure the well and pump are maintained.  This is text book community development work.


It looks a little like South Texas here.

On Sunday, we were welcomed into the David McConarghy Congregation at the Lundazid CCAP Mission Station.  During the service, we were handed over to them, by Dr. Chilenge; he and the rest of our traveling party (Rev. Kabendama, Nancy Collens, and her sister Deb and Deb’s husband, Rich) then departed, during worship.  We are home!


Rev. David Chiboboka (L) and Rev. Dr. Chilenge, welcome us to the David McConarghy Congregation in Lundazi

We returned to Chipata yesterday, to get our number plates, and do the shopping we weren’t able to do last week.  This afternoon, we will return to Lundazi, move into our house, and set up shop.  Later this week, we will begin working with Mrs. Mwanza, our language helper.  As we settle into our new routine, I will begin to share experiences, and other stories of the people we meet, and things we are learning.  Please keep us in your prayers and stay tuned.


Rev. Dr. Victor Chilenge shares his vision for Chasefu Theological College and Model Farm. He’s one of the most remarkable people I’ve ever met.

In Christ,

Chas & Melissa

One thought on “Checking in from Chipata

  1. Good to hear from you. The blue sky and those clouds look so familiar. Th Savannah grassland along the road always comforts my spirit that life is big and may there is also infinity. Those paved roads were so rough in 2012 when Beth and I drove through to my home village in Lundazi. Now the roads have just been repaved and drive great. I drove though there last December. It was just great!! I will be in Zambia next month. I will be sure to contact you. You are doing great work.
    Mwizenge S. Tembo
    Bridgewater, Virginia, USA

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